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Why You Should Use AMP Specialized Logistics For Your Transportation Moves

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Need A Quote?

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            Your Freight… Our Reputation!

Need to move a piece of equipment and have no clue how much the rate would be?  Give us a call.  Whether it be an LTL, a standard size load, heavy haul or it could even be a super load, give us a call at 832-663-5227.  We are award-winning transportation specialists.

The Importance of a Logistic Company’s Core Values

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                                                                                                                       What Is Your Companys Core Values?


When AMP Specialized Logistics was created and formed in 2013, I knew that in order to have success and growth in the ever-changing field of freight transportation that core values had to be established and lived by inside and outside of the business.   I needed our core values to be seen, understood, and followed by everyone in our team.  We all had to believe in them and honor them.  This is what we stand by and perform daily.  It is necessary for the expansion of our company and the customer relationships that we have built.  Without these core values, your team and you will eventually form their own and in their own code of ethics and that can potentially hurt your business.  This would not and could not happen to AMP Specialized Logistics.  This is because I am the one responsible for the success and potential failure.  As the ‘Ambassador’ of my company, our code value was created before the doors even opened.

AMP Specialized Logistics is all about our core values. Our team lives and performs daily by them.  Below are our Core Values that separate us from those who are operating blindly with no values.

  • Exceptional Quality Services– We consistently deliver superior services by exceeding expectations and executing flawlessly.  We expect and relentlessly pursue excellence in everything that we do.
  • Transparency– We communicate effectively with our customers, carriers, and our team to avoid any misconceptions.
  • Providing Solutions– Our team of professional experts is quick problem solvers.  We provide solutions and never problems.
  • Continuous Improvement–  We are always reviewing our performances to make essential improvements in an extremely competitive freight brokerage market.
  • Create Long-Lasting Relationships– The more that we know about our customer freight management needs, the more that we can assist in savings for their freight costs.  We have a team of dedicated freight management customer service reps and provide the tools and education they need to be successful while moving forward with the goals of AMP Specialized Logistics and the changing freight industry.
  • Do the Right Thing–  Our teams will always work with strong ethics while performing and communicating with integrity and honesty.
  • Enjoy the Journey–  The sky is the limit in this industry.  It is important to always remember where we started out and where our company is currently positioned.  To watch the growth and to always make sure our team feels appreciated, valued, and heard is invaluable.

Why is AMP Specialized Logistics Different

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What makes AMP Specialized Logistics different than our competitors?  The difference is that we don’t use a better approach to our marketing strategies.  We prefer to use the word ‘different’ because we are not trying to outdo our competitors in the trucking industries.  We don’t get involved in the competition of logistics.  No longer do I believe in the competition of the transportation industry.  I believe in what makes us different by stepping outside of the box and showing a different approach and facts of how we keep the awards coming in and customer satisfaction.  This, we believe in and we are confident in.

Below are what makes AMP Specialized Logistics ‘different’ in the world of transporting freight:

  • In partnership with Logistic Dynamics, we have State-Of-The-Art technology which gives us real-time tracking of our customers freight,  better load boards allowing the excellent organization of multi-loads, and the status each load is in order to communicate efficiently with our customers.  Our load boards provide a detailed history of what carriers are in certain lanes.
  • Each carrier and driver in our system has been verified on safety approval.  We only use the safety-approved carriers/drivers on our freight.
  • Our carrier database is 50,000 plus giving us a wide range of drivers to use for those multi loads as our database continues to expand daily.
  • We believe in strong communication with our drivers and our customers on the pick-up and delivery status.
  • AMP Specialized Logistics has a team of experts in equipment, lanes, negotiations, quotes, and quick problem-solving plans before a problem should occur.
  • We are diversified with a team of experts that can effectively transport any commodities.
  • If a customer is in need of inventory management, we have you covered.
  • If a customer is in need of warehousing, we are just a phone call away.
  • We verify that our drivers have the insurance to cover the commodity needing transported no matter the cost of the equipment.
  • We operate with strong ethics and great customer service.

If you haven’t tried our services, what are you waiting for?  To have a stress free and successful experience, give us a call at 832-663-5227.

We are award winners and have a successful track record in the industry of transportation.

What Makes AMP Different From The Other’s?

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There are over 17,000 active licensed freight brokers in the United States.   So, what makes AMP Specialized Logistics unique from so many others?

There are many advantages to using AMP Specialized Logistics for your transportation needs:


  • Stability
  • Award-winning agents
  • Experts on call 24/7,  365 days a year
  • Excellent customer service
  • Competitive rates
  • Cargo insurance to cover total commodity needing transported
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • GPS-tracking
  • Large carrier pool of safety-approved, seasoned, and vetted drivers
  • Expert communication and management of freight from pick-up to delivery
  • Creative transportation solutions

Don’t waste time searching for credible and reliable transportation brokers.   We are only a phone call away at 832-663-5227

My Passion Could Be Your Future by Robin Bratton

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Are you tired of making someone else’s dreams come true with your hard work?   Do you feel like you might be in the movie ‘Ground Hog Day’?  Are you ready to become independent?  My Passion Could Be Your Future is an e-book about how to free yourself by becoming your own boss in the world of transportation.   It’s time to make your dreams come true!

Now available on Amazon (click link below).  I hope that you will read it and join the journey with me.