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Why is AMP Specialized Logistics Different

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What makes AMP Specialized Logistics different than our competitors?  The difference is that we don’t use a better approach to our marketing strategies.  We prefer to use the word ‘different’ because we are not trying to outdo our competitors in the trucking industries.  We don’t get involved in the competition of logistics.  No longer do I believe in the competition of the transportation industry.  I believe in what makes us different by stepping outside of the box and showing a different approach and facts of how we keep the awards coming in and customer satisfaction.  This, we believe in and we are confident in.

Below are what makes AMP Specialized Logistics ‘different’ in the world of transporting freight:

  • In partnership with Logistic Dynamics, we have State-Of-The-Art technology which gives us real-time tracking of our customers freight,  better load boards allowing the excellent organization of multi-loads, and the status each load is in order to communicate efficiently with our customers.  Our load boards provide a detailed history of what carriers are in certain lanes.
  • Each carrier and driver in our system has been verified on safety approval.  We only use the safety-approved carriers/drivers on our freight.
  • Our carrier database is 50,000 plus giving us a wide range of drivers to use for those multi loads as our database continues to expand daily.
  • We believe in strong communication with our drivers and our customers on the pick-up and delivery status.
  • AMP Specialized Logistics has a team of experts in equipment, lanes, negotiations, quotes, and quick problem-solving plans before a problem should occur.
  • We are diversified with a team of experts that can effectively transport any commodities.
  • If a customer is in need of inventory management, we have you covered.
  • If a customer is in need of warehousing, we are just a phone call away.
  • We verify that our drivers have the insurance to cover the commodity needing transported no matter the cost of the equipment.
  • We operate with strong ethics and great customer service.

If you haven’t tried our services, what are you waiting for?  To have a stress free and successful experience, give us a call at 832-663-5227.

We are award winners and have a successful track record in the industry of transportation.

My Passion Could Be Your Future by Robin Bratton

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Are you tired of making someone else’s dreams come true with your hard work?   Do you feel like you might be in the movie ‘Ground Hog Day’?  Are you ready to become independent?  My Passion Could Be Your Future is an e-book about how to free yourself by becoming your own boss in the world of transportation.   It’s time to make your dreams come true!

Now available on Amazon (click link below).  I hope that you will read it and join the journey with me.





Auto Haulers

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AMP Specialized Logistics has added auto hauling to accommodate your auto transport needs.  Any requirement in size needed we can get you the trailers and the safety rated drivers for it from auto haulers to heavy duty auto haulers we have you covered.  We use the haulers equipped with 4′ ramps, neatly situated under the wood trailer deck, a 4′ dove tail at the trailer’s rear and our drivers have the tie down pockets.

Auto Haul Rate Quote


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AMP Specialized Logistics is in partnership with Logistic Dynamics. Our team of specialized rail agents are ready when you are and with competitive pricing. We will manage your rail load and keep you posted up until delivery with our 24/7 customer service line.

Dock to Dock Rail Transport

Take advantage of our fast rail carrier system and ship your freight fast from coast to coast at select docking locations and we will take care of your freight transporting from the dock to your destination!

Rail Freight Rate Quote

Heavy Haul Logistics

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Heavy Haul Logistics Provider – United States

Timely custom service, many years of experience, and the safest specialized heavy haul drivers on the road are just a few key components that constitute an effective professional heavy haul transportation provider in The United States. Let us show you how to keep your specialized heavy freight on the move, at the job-site when you need it on time, and at affordable rates. AMP Specialized doesn’t just deliver your specialized equipment, we develop successful logistics relationships with our shipping customers.

Your heavy haul freight, with AMP power!

Heavy Hauling throughout the US

Our commitment to meet customer needs in the Specialized Heavy Haul logistics industry in the U.S. is what keeps us growing and winning awards! We contract out the best of the best with equipment such as:

• Drop deck Extendable
• Double drop Extendable
• 9-13 Axle RGN’s
• Double Neck Super 13 axle
• 19 Axle configurations

Our Heavy Haul Transportation and Specialized Heavy Haul division is ready to haul your extremely heavy, wide, and over dimensional specialized shipments. We service a diverse customer base in numerous markets throughout the United States and Canada. For the best Heavy Haul Trucking Rates contact us now.

Lowboy trailers are a type of flatbed trailer configured to haul very heavy loads in excess of 55,000 lbs. Trailers used primarily for heavy haul equipment are open trailers constructed with a “gooseneck” that drops the trailer height below the level of flatbed trailers and designed to handle extremely heavy loads. The lowboy trailers are slowly being replaced by the removable gooseneck also known as an “RGN” due to their limited functions. The lowboys are used for heavy equipment hauling companies but do not have the removable goose neck capability or functions to retract down to ramps and having the the equipment driven up in to the well.

In some cases of extreme weight of over dimensional design a heavy haul carrier may fabricate and construct to move a specific load of freight on a one-time or short-term basis.

We are Expert Heavy Haul Logistics Providers

Frequent freight moved by United States based companies requiring heavy haul trucking companies under escort on highways include giant boilers and pressure vessels commonly used in the industrial processing industries, industrial plants, prefabricated sections for construction projects, giant power transformers, turbines, and houses (generally made of timber).

Some of the products and equipment lowboy trailers are used to transport are:

  • Heavy Construction equipment
  • Oversized Heavy Equipment
  • Heavy Military equipment

For Heavy Haul transport, an overweight load is a load of freight that exceeds the standard legal weight limits for a specified lane on highway. There are also weight per axle limits. A load that exceeds the per-axle limits, but not the overall weight limits, is considered overweight.

Examples of oversize/overweight loads include construction machines (cranes, front loaders, backhoes, etc.), pre-built homes, containers, construction elements (bridge beams, generators, windmill propellers, rocket stages, industrial equipment).

The standardized dimensions and weights vary between countries and regions within a country. A vehicle that exceeds the standardized dimensions typically requires a special permit which requires extra fees to be paid in order for the oversize/overweight vehicle to legally travel on the roadways within the cities as permits are required to travel in the lanes. The city permit usually will specify a route the load must follow as well as the dates and times during which the load may be able to travel.

Get a Quote Today for Your Heavy Haul Trucking Needs

AMP Specialized Logistics prides itself on being top among heavy haul trucking companies in the U.S. and Canada. Our services include the best 24/7 customer service you’ll find in the industry and proactive problem-solving to meet all of your heavy hauling transportation needs.

We offer quotes for ALL lanes throughout the United States and Canada, so call 832-663-5227 today to find out how we can make your heavy haul trucking experience a stress-free event.


Flat Bed & Step Deck Shipping Services

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Flatbed & Step Deck Logistics

Professional customer service, experienced, and the safest flatbed drivers on the road are just a few key components that constitute an effective professional flatbed logistics company in The United States. Let us show you how to keep your flatbed freight on the move, on time, and at affordable rates. AMP Specialized doesn’t just deliver your equipment, we develop successful logistics relationships with our flatbed shipping customers.

Your flatbed freight, with AMP power!

Flatbed/Float Transportation – United States

As a professional flatbed trucking company AMP Specialized Logistics understands the requirements and the needs for flatbed transportation moves. From pipe stakes and dunnage, strapping and chaining along with safety gear, if needed.

The driver’s that AMP uses provides it all and know what it takes to get your freight moved safely and on time. We take pride in our “on time and delivered safely” pickup and delivery and have won the Stellar Performance award in doing so. Give us a call for your next shipment. We are waiting for your call and ready to get it moved!

Step-deck Shipping Services

AMP Specialized Logistics handles the transportation for open deck shipments that require more specialized handling than flatbed transportation can provide. We have a large network of safety rated drivers with step deck trailers that can be used for high or oversized shipping requirements. If you need a step deck with loading ramps to move your freight, we’ve got you covered!

We have an experienced team that knows the critical requirements for safe and secure shipments for specialized step deck transportation. We will take care of the routing and the required permits and the GPS coverage of your freight.

As a step deck and flatbed company serving all lanes throughout the U.S. and Canada, AMP Specialized Logistics provides a wide range of flatbed trailer types and sizes.

Both step deck and flatbed trailers are great transport methods for cargo that doesn’t fit into an enclosed dry van. Freight that step deck carriers often transport includes building material, machinery and equipment that requires more dimensional flexibility and safer transportation.

The safe and expedient delivery of your cargo is AMP Specialized Logistics top priority. With the industry’s best logistics experts and drivers, we have the skills and tools necessary to carry out your flatbed trucking needs from start to finish.

Flatbed trailers are versatile open trailers used to transport a wide range of products and materials. Also known as flat, float, flat deck, and high boy trailers, some of the common products they are used to haul are:

  • Flat steel
  • Coiled steel
  • Channel steel
  • Oil Pipe
  • Building materials
  • Pre-cast concrete
  • Construction Equipment
  • Steel Beams

Flatbed trailers are also known as floats. The flatbed lengths come in 53′, 48′ 45′, 40′ and 24′. The most common out there is your 48′. The 53′ trailers are becoming popular but statistics would prove there to be more of the 48′ on the road. The widths of the trailers usually run about 102″ wide. However, you might run in to a trailer that is only 96″.

It is very important that you know the dimensions of the commodity before setting up the driver for the load. The last thing you need is a truck order not used, an angry driver and an upset customer because you did not send in the correct trailer to handle the dimensions and weight. The height of a flatbed is generally 60″ off the ground. Most flatbeds can scale 48,000 pounds and some can scale a little more and some a little less. It just depends on how much their truck and trailer weigh.

Get a Quote Today

AMP Specialized Logistics prides itself on being No. 1 among flatbed companies in The United States. Our services include the best 24/7 customer service you’ll find in the industry, state-of-the-art tracking technology to keep tabs on your cargo from pickup to delivery, and proactive problem-solving to meet all of your transportation needs.

Call 479-268-0323 or 832-663-5227 today to find out how we can make transporting your freight by flatbed truck a hassle-free experience.