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On Time delivery, expert solutions, and the safest dry van drivers on the road are just a few key components that constitute an effective professional Dry Van Trucking provider delivering throughout the United States. Let us help you keep your dry van freight on the move, on time, and at affordable dry van rates in all 50 states. AMP Specialized doesn’t just deliver your dry van freight, we develop successful logistics relationships with our dry van shipping customers.

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Dry Van Shipping throughout The United States

When it comes to the Dry Van Logistics Industry we understand the importance of excellent customer service, good communication with our customer’s and our drivers to continue parties success in this fast pace market. We have access to over 50,000 dry van drivers and a team ready to customize your freight solutions for your unique dry van cargo.

We use macro point with all our drivers to ensure safety, on-time delivery and to let our customer know where their freight is at any time.

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Dry van, or box, and Pad-Wrap Van trailers are enclosed trailers used to transport products that do not require a temperature controlled environment. Loading and unloading of the trailer is through rear doors. Box dry van trailers are used to transport:

Dry food
Household Goods
Dry Products
Warehouse Stock

A Dry Van Trailer is probably the most common type of freight trailer. They are usually 48′ to 53′ long. Their width is still about 102″ and their inside height be the same. It is important to know if it has a “swing door” or a “roll door”. If it has a roll door you might not be able to get your product through the opening and would need a swing door.

Vans are made for palletized freight. The dimensions of a standard pallet is 48″x48″x48″ allowing the shipper to put two side by side and two high with a little extra room to spare. Vans can usually scale up to 44,000 pounds.