Flat Bed & Step Deck Shipping Services

Professional customer service, experienced, and the safest flatbed drivers on the road are just a few key components that constitute an effective professional flatbed logistics company in The United States. Let us show you how to keep your flatbed freight on the move, on time, and at affordable rates. AMP Specialized doesn’t just deliver your equipment, we develop successful logistics relationships with our flatbed shipping customers.

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Flatbed/Float Transportation – United States

As a professional flatbed trucking company AMP Specialized Logistics understands the requirements and the needs for flatbed transportation moves. From pipe stakes and dunnage, strapping and chaining along with safety gear, if needed.

The driver’s that AMP uses provides it all and know what it takes to get your freight moved safely and on time. We take pride in our “on time and delivered safely” pickup and delivery and have won the Stellar Performance award in doing so. Give us a call for your next shipment. We are waiting for your call and ready to get it moved!

Step-deck Shipping Services 

AMP Specialized Logistics handles the transportation for open deck shipments that require more specialized handling than flatbed transportation can provide. We have a large network of safety rated drivers with step deck trailers that can be used for high or oversized shipping requirements. If you need a step deck with loading ramps to move your freight, we’ve got you covered!

Flat steel
Coiled steel
Channel steel
Oil Pipe
Building materials
Pre-cast concrete
Construction Equipment
Steel Beams

Flatbed trailers are also known as floats. The flatbed lengths come in 53′, 48′ 45′, 40′ and 24′. The most common out there is your 48′. The 53′ trailers are becoming popular but statistics would prove there to be more of the 48′ on the road. The widths of the trailers usually run about 102″ wide. However, you might run in to a trailer that is only 96″.

It is very important that you know the dimensions of the commodity before setting up the driver for the load. The last thing you need is a truck order not used, an angry driver and an upset customer because you did not send in the correct trailer to handle the dimensions and weight. The height of a flatbed is generally 60″ off the ground. Most flatbeds can scale 48,000 pounds and some can scale a little more and some a little less. It just depends on how much their truck and trailer weigh.

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AMP Specialized Logistics prides itself on being No. 1 among flatbed companies in The United States. Our services include the best 24/7 customer service you’ll find in the industry, state-of-the-art tracking technology to keep tabs on your cargo from pickup to delivery, and proactive problem-solving to meet all of your transportation needs.

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