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Timely custom service, many years of experience, and the safest specialized heavy haul drivers on the road are just a few key components that constitute an effective professional heavy haul transportation provider in The United States. Let us show you how to keep your specialized heavy freight on the move, at the job-site when you need it on time, and at affordable rates. AMP Specialized doesn’t just deliver your specialized equipment, we develop successful logistics relationships with our shipping customers.

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Our commitment to meet customer needs in the Specialized Heavy Haul logistics industry in the U.S. is what keeps us growing and winning awards! We contract out the best of the best with equipment such as:

• Drop deck Extendable
• Double drop Extendable
• 9-13 Axle RGN’s
• Double Neck Super 13 axle
• 19 Axle configurations

Our Heavy Haul Transportation and Specialized Heavy Haul division is ready to haul your extremely heavy, wide, and over dimensional specialized shipments. We service a diverse customer base in numerous markets throughout the United States and Canada. For the best Heavy Haul Trucking Rates contact us now.

Lowboy trailers are a type of flatbed trailer configured to haul very heavy loads in excess of 55,000 lbs. Trailers used primarily for heavy haul equipment are open trailers constructed with a “gooseneck” that drops the trailer height below the level of flatbed trailers and designed to handle extremely heavy loads. The lowboy trailers are slowly being replaced by the removable gooseneck also known as an “RGN” due to their limited functions. The lowboys are used for heavy equipment hauling companies but do not have the removable goose neck capability or functions to retract down to ramps and having the the equipment driven up in to the well.

In some cases of extreme weight of over dimensional design a heavy haul carrier may fabricate and construct to move a specific load of freight on a one-time or short-term basis.

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Frequent freight moved by United States based companies requiring heavy haul trucking companies under escort on highways include giant boilers and pressure vessels commonly used in the industrial processing industries, industrial plants, prefabricated sections for construction projects, giant power transformers, turbines, and houses (generally made of timber).

Some of the products and equipment lowboy trailers are used to transport are:

Heavy Construction equipment
Heavy Construction equipment
Heavy Military equipment

For Heavy Haul transport, an overweight load is a load of freight that exceeds the standard legal weight limits for a specified lane on highway. There are also weight per axle limits. A load that exceeds the per-axle limits, but not the overall weight limits, is considered overweight.

Examples of oversize/overweight loads include construction machines (cranes, front loaders, backhoes, etc.), pre-built homes, containers, construction elements (bridge beams, generators, windmill propellers, rocket stages, industrial equipment).

The standardized dimensions and weights vary between countries and regions within a country. A vehicle that exceeds the standardized dimensions typically requires a special permit which requires extra fees to be paid in order for the oversize/overweight vehicle to legally travel on the roadways within the cities as permits are required to travel in the lanes. The city permit usually will specify a route the load must follow as well as the dates and times during which the load may be able to travel.

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