LTL Less Than Truckload Service

If you have multiple LTL shipments every day or only ship a few pallets here and there, our LTL transportation services are built to deliver value added advantages to you. With so many LTL freight brokers for you to select from, it may be hard to choose one. When you choose AMP, you’ve discovered a national network of qualified LTL carriers. You are looking for a reliable logistics team handle LTL shipping with an unwavering dedication to personalized delivery service. Be confident in your selection to ship your LTL freight with AMP Specialized Logistics.
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LTL freight may commonly require box dry van and or flatbed trailer types.

This is when a driver or owner will take their standard flatbed and put a “side kit” on it. Most common kits have 4′ sides and then there are bows that attach from one side to the other allowing them to put a tarp over the top. This type of trailer is used for hauling your smaller commodity.
The inside heights are usually 6′ at center of the bows and usually only 4′ on the sides. Be careful once again with height on this. KNOW YOUR COMMODITY AND THE DIMENSIONS! They can scale the same as the regular flatbed depending on weight of truck and trailer.