Tow-Away / Power Only Transportation

We have the power that you need to hook and transport your company equipment or trailers anywhere in the United States. Our tow-away drivers are experienced in transporting a variety of trailer types including flatbeds, dry vans, trailer-mounted equipment, and portable machinery. Our close communication and GPS tracking gives us the tools needed to get that trailer delivered on a time frame that fits your requirements. If you need tow-away transport service for a short haul or for trailer transport across the United States, we are ready to help.
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Power Only / Tow-Away services requires a trained transportation specialist to get that certain driver and tractor needed in order to haul your trailer or stacked trailers and other trailer-mounted equipment according to the client’s specific needs. The tow-away trucking service is typically used to transport a variety of trailer types including empty or loaded dry-vans, flatbeds, portable equipment or machinery, and other trailers for short or long haul distances. Some of those trailers can be loaded with misc. pieces going with it.The benefits of working with AMP as your trusted power only 3rd party logistics provider for tow-away transportation services, is the ability to have a safety rated, professional driver and logistics team who plans and executes your service with the utmost customer service and provides the customer with real time tracking and good communication updates.