Robin Merritt-Price and AMP Specialized Logistics Loses an Important Team Member

My son was the world to me.  Just as much as my daughter and eldest son. I have a different and unique bond with all of my children and the bond that I had with David ran deep as we talked out back every night trying to figure the world out and coming up with new business ideas, we talked about everything!

He lived with me, worked with me, helped me with errands, challenged me, taught me,  played tricks on me. We had unconditional love and respect for AMP and especially for one another.   His negotiation skills, his attention to details and following his gut instinct contributed such success for AMP Specialized Logistics.  He loved playing jokes on the other team members and entertained us all well keeping the stress level down.

However October 10th, 2017 David was taken home to a place where he now is happy and still watching over myself, his sister and his brother.  He is definitely keeping a watch over our company.

Although that devastating night, when the earth and the Heaven’t knocked me off of my feet,  I still feel his presence and his knowledge,  so forward on we go!  As he would say, “Damn those torpedoes! Full steam ahead.!”

Please keep us in your prayers and David in your hearts.  I know that he is still beside me.